In which Andrea had another bad day..

Thats right! Another one! But at least I have reason to be having a bad day today..

Stubbing my toe twice in a row. Eating cereal with rotten milk. Running face first into a door. Just part of my morning.

If you all were wondering “How stupid is Andrea” Im about to tell you.

I looked at the stove, saw that the burner light was on, and TOUCHED the burner wondering if it was hot. Yep. Im retarded. Didnt get badly burned just a little singe on my thumb but holy crap that could have gone badly.


Holy crap guys, guess what! This is my 50th post. I feel so accomplished. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything for this long (which admittedly is kind of sad).

I think I’m going to do something uber special for my 100th post. I will be in Saskatoon at the time (44 days until I leave!) so I’m not too sure what it will be. I am going to seriously try to blog everyday this time when I go. Im trying for get Mom to agree to a month (hopefully Jarrod and his family are okay with that ((even though there was talk of me staying for a month))).

Its gotten really cold. It was only “-2” today but it felt like -15 at least. I took down this tent thing we had up so that the snow sitting on top wouldnt ruin it.

I may need your help guys, I still havent told my Papa that im moving out.  Mostly because I think it will make him sad. I’ve told my Mom and my Nana and both my brothers know, but how do I tell my Papa. I think I’m having so much difficulty with telling him because I feel like I’m abandoning him. He’s spent so much time building this beautiful house (Btw going to put up some pictures of the house build eventually) for us and now I’m leaving. Not to mention that I am the one who makes all his meals and gets him warm drinks and sweets without him asking. I feel like I am being a huge bitch for moving out. I know he wont see it that way but thats the way I feel. I know that this probably dosn’t make much sense to you guys but I really hope you can help me ❤

I need new strings for my guitar. Mine are already three years old and I know, I know, you’re supposed to change them more often than that but I really havent had the time or money to buy new ones. Hopefully I can get some soon though because everything I play sounds out of tune.


2 thoughts on “In which Andrea had another bad day..

  1. Ouch… :'[

    I wish that I could’ve been there to kiss your feet and hands and make them feel better, and give you a back massage and have you just relax… that sounds like a much better plan than stubbing your feetsy weetsies and burning your thumbsy wumbsies. :[

    As for your Papa.. I’ll text/Skype you about it.

    G’night Esmetio. ❤

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