In which Andrea had kind of a bad day…

It was just one of those days. Nothing went wrong, nothing made me upset. I was just unhappy. Which sucked. So I started setting up for Christmas and baked some cookies. Here for your viewing pleasure are my “Canadian style” gingerbread cookies:

Thats right. I have moose shaped gingerbread cookies, don’t get too jealous 😉

I also made sugar cookies but never baked them, they are currently sitting in my fridge wrapped with plastic waiting for me to roll them out and bake em.


I was on a huge Billy Talent binge today. Not including right now because I’m listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. But before i listened to like all of their albums a couple times >.< Now its Bono, i think my itunes isn’t on shuffle anymore.

Its only 11:30 and I am so tired. I dont even know why. Lately I’ve been going to bed so early. But anyways. Gonna put this out and probably go to bed or attempt to and just stay on the computer for another hour, then proceed to fall asleep at my desk and be woken up by my mouse falling off the desk. Like last night 😀


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