In which Andrea and her Nana have adventures at 5am.

This morning at around 5am I was woken by a large crash in the kitchen that sounded like pots and pans falling off the counter. Not knowing what time it was or what was going on I figured my Papa was already up and making breakfast so I went back to sleep. Two minutes later I hear my Nana calling for my help “Something is in the house”. I went out into the living room and there was all four cats running around in the foyer. Someone didn’t close the door properly when they came inside so the cats thought that they would like to take a tour of the house at five o’clock in the morning. Yep. I shooed Panda, Salem, and Yoda outside easily but Navi (who is slightly feral) ran upstairs and hid underneath the dining room table. I managed to shoo him back downstairs and he hid in the laundry room so I just opened the door and let him run out. Yep my life is amusing.


One thought on “In which Andrea and her Nana have adventures at 5am.

  1. I used to have so many kittens, but the first two died/ran away, the next set we gave two of them away, and the other two moved themselves out to down the street :p, and another two got snatched up by a prick of a neighbour down the street. ‘-.-

    So now we’re down to two kittens, a guinea pig, and my brother.

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