In Which Andrea has an amazing sister <3

So this is a really special blog because its about one of the most amazing people in the world.

The girl in the bow-tie is my sister. Aint she pretty. I’m constantly told that we look alike. In which i respond with “I AM THREE YEARS OLDER THAN HER I LOOK DIFFERENT!”

We havent actually become close until the past couple years. Before that it was all fighting and stealing each-others stuff.

I am probably 16 here making her 13.

As you can tell she is a fun loving, hyper active, young lady.

About two or three years ago Kendra moved out of my moms place and moved in with our father. When we ended up moving to Grande Prairie she stayed with him for a while before moving up here, but ended up moving back down (cant blame her you should have seen what we had to live in when the house was being built).

Its very odd that Kendra and I have gotten closer when she wasn’t living with me than when she was but thats okay because I’m just glad that we are close.

Laying in the snow.

Yes. I wore a huge poofy brown jacket in the winter.

When I first started learning guitar I would practice every night, most nights I would play the same songs and Hey there Delilah was no exception. After about a week Kendra would come listen to me play and sing along to Hey there Delilah. So it became our duet and we preformed it for the family a few times. Now every time I play it I think of her and most of the time I phone her to sing it with her. I know its a love song but some of the lines fit. If you havent heard the song its about two lovers thousands of miles apart but that dosn’t stop him from loving her. The song has one thing right, Kendra and I may be miles and miles away but she is still my baby sister and I will always be there for her. 🙂

That my friends is a real live link to me singing Hey There Delilah. Yep. Special thanks to Jesse for uploading it for me on his account and being so amazingly awesome 🙂 ❤

So now you’ve heard me sing. Im not sure what else you stalkers may want.

I know this is a seriously cheesy blog about siblings but I havent seen Kendra in a long long time and I miss her tons and thought she would smile when she read this. 🙂

I love you Kendra. Dont forget that. I wish you all the best and know I am just a phone call away.


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