In which Andrea hates the snow.

Snow sucks. Its cold, its wet and it makes you cold and wet. Therefore it sucks.

I helped my mom run around Grande Prairie all day. Gah, it took so long. While we were in Totem it started snowing. Which totally sucked. We got home around 6pm which is way to much time spent in the city or in a car. We almost got killed! The roads were super icy and the truck swerved in front of a semi! But my Papa saved us by moving back into the other lane. It was scary and it was really close but we made it home alive. But now they are calling for freezing rain overnight >.<

I got new headphones! They are actually for xbox and stuff but you can use them for computer too and they are pretty awesome.

I seriously dont know what to write about tonight. Im so so so so tired.

Listening to Across the Universe soundtrack. As much as I love the Beatles, I have to admit that these singers are just as good. If you haven’t seen Across the Universe. It is seriously messed up. But its an amazing movie. I am actually obsessed with the song “Happiness is a warm gun” sung by Joe Anderson. Krystynn, Matthew and I had a film class together. This was one of the movies we watched in that class. It was pretty messed up at the time we watched it in the dark and it made us feel high and Krystynn almost fell over when we got up. But it gets better every watch 😛

Anyways, done for the night. Tomorrow is a super special blog post 😉


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