In which Andrea dosen’t know what to say anymore.

I think blogging has ruined me; I am constantly looking for things to blog about. Oh wow squirrel in a tree, I could totally include that in my blog, hey guys guess what i saw today in a highly squirrel populated part of the province?!

I took Kira to the vet today for that huge gash thing in her leg. She HATES the vet, more than she hates strange people or small furry woodland creatures who like to hang out in trees. We got her into the car by promising her a car ride, she was oblivious. We got her out of the car before she knew what was going on. We had to force her in the clinic (thank god there were no other animals around at the time) and i had to hold her there while we waited for the vet. She looked at me with a mixture of extreme sadness and slight desperation; I felt like I had tricked her. She was extremely on edge the entire time and almost bit the vet when he checked out her leg. The vet said that there really wasnt anything he could do other than antibiotics or surgery (said surgery costing ~$400) he said that either option would be just as effective as the other. So we took the $10 option instead. So now she had to run around with a t-shirt on so that she dosnt lick her wound and stop it from healing. She looks ridiculous but I still call her cute so her feelings wont get hurt.

She is hiding her head in shame (she knows she looks ridiculous).

Guess what I made for dinner! You’re all going to be really jealous when I tell you! I made stew! I freaking love stew. Stew is my favorite food ever. basically how I make stew is I take everything in the fridge that would taste good in a stew (carrots, potatoes, meat, broccoli, etc) and i throw it in a pot. Then i add water and boil said pot for like four hours. Then I add bistro and flour and make it gravy like. then I boil it for another hour or so and then i eat that stuff like its the best food on earth (because it is).

We got TV today. I’m pretty sure I made a blog about this way back when. Somthing happened and we didnt get it the day it was planned and lots of other boring things. But! We got TV today! JUST IN TIME FOR GLEEEEEEE!

So of course the first episode of Glee that I watch with my Nana is pretty much all about sex. Lovely. It was awkward the entire time but if I had have turned it off and left I think that it would have been even more awkward.

I have more to say I just dont want to say it to the wrong people. I’m going to go to bed, or shower, or clean my room. Do something productive and maybe slightly OCD.


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