In which Andrea is a dedicated musician.

I was told today that my talent shouldn’t be appreciated (nor any other singer or guitarist). Obviously this person has never sang or played guitar (or probably any other instrument). Now singing can come naturally. Some people such as myself have never taken a day of lessons in their life. But other people have to work at it, and I commend these people.

For those of you who have never played guitar, its not something you can pick up and go. You can start playing one day and still be at the same level a week later. It takes hours and hours of practice to master pitch perfect chords so they don’t buzz when strummed, changing between chords seamlessly so that you don’t get that annoying non-note sound or even holding your guitar in the proper way. The first week is the most painful. You can only play a couple songs before your fingers start to ache in a you-absolutely-have-to-put-the-guitar-down-or-there-is-no-way-you-will-ever-be-able-to-use-your-fingers-again-kind-of-way. I’ve had my fingers bleed actual blood before. It sucks until you get clauses. I’ve been playing guitar for three years, and I am no where near mastering it. I’m still learning new chords, new ways to do things etc. Guitar is hard work. Why do you think so many people are all amped to learn it but quit a week later?

That was my angry at people for being so stupid rant of the day. 🙂

There must be an abundant amount of coyotes around this year, Kira came home limping with a huge gash in the side of her leg. We have to take her to the vet but they didn’t have room until tomorrow morning which is silly, what would happen if she was like bleeding all over the place and dying. So even the pet healthcare in Grande Prairie sucks!

I bet you guys didn’t know I am a business woman did you? 😉 I actually co-own a small company. We make all natural and organic spa products like face masks and bath salts etc. We also hand weave dream-catchers. I make most of it but my mom is the brains behind the operation. If you’re looking for some Christmas presents or are just so into stalking me that you would like something that I have ACTUALLY TOUCHED! You can visit my facebook page here:

Its a fairly new page so I havnt really had the time to update it. It has our products and prices on there somewhere. But I dont have any pictures up. I WILL get them done eventually but for now that will have to do.

So I have a story that will make you think less of me, laugh at my stupidness, or at least shake your head in disapproval.

I take my Nana’s dog Koco out for walks since she had her stroke so that I can keep an eye on her progress, and also so she dosnt get eaten by a coyote. So I was outside walking around with her. I had just said “Its okay Koco no coyotes are going to get you” when I hear this strange whimpering/howling of sorts. So I look to my left and theres something coming towards me. I freak out and start swearing and I grab a stick. I would now like to tell you the story of how i fended off my poor little poodle dog against six or seven hungry and vicious coyotes or wolves or something dangerous and adventure worthy but alas, it turns out that it is Salem, who likes to follow me around when i’m walking one of the dogs.

Now that I have given myself a heart attack and embaressed myself I think its time for me to post this blog.


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