In which Andrea has a lot of animals…

So I think that dogs are literally one of the stupidest animals alive. If not dogs in general, then I think my dogs are. This morning I had to go rescue them from being eaten my coyotes and when I called them they just kept running around barking at them. I really wish I had a gun with me, I probably should have grabbed one. Not sure how great my running shot is but still. Maggie got bit on the ear but I think Jesse got away unscathed, but the butt face made me carry her home.

Maggie being a butt face and standing around.

Jesse trying to swindle me out of some dog cookies.

Beagle dogs are annoying. First of all their bark is more annoying than a regular dogs bark because it involves howling as well. Then if they are outside they refuse to come to you because “hey hold on a minute Im smelling things”. Third of all they like to wander off into the swampy parts of my farm and not come back until they are frost bitten and bleeding from all four paws. This happened quite a few times during the winter last year (like once every four days). Dont I own such smart dogs?

I have two other dogs that are smarter but still dumb. Kira is a border collie, rottweiler mix.

Shes pretty dumb, but she comes when called and she doesn’t go gallivanting for long periods of time in the winter. We normally keep her inside during hunting season because she looks oddly enough like a bear from a distance.

Koco is a chubbles. Seen here she is wearing an elf hat. She actually had a stroke recently and I had to teach her how to walk all over again. She is getting back old motions every day now. 🙂

I have eight cats. We started off with one. His name was Rufus and I had him for over ten years. But he ran away and never came back. So we got Meko, Salem and Panda.

Meko ❤

Salem thinking that he is invisible.

Panda and Salem sleeping. ❤

Then Meko got pregnant again and had black kittys. We only kept two, Yoda and Navi. Yes, I am quite a nerd ❤

I dont have any grown up pictures of them because they are little brats. So use your imagination and pick two out of the bucket to pretend they are my kittys. 😛

And then Meko got pregnant again and had these cuties
All three are in the picture, you just have to look. 😛

So 4 dogs 8 cats. Lots of animals ❤


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