In which Andrea had a productive day..

So today was a clean-up-the-entire-house-because-you’ve-been-neglecting-it-again-you-lazy-person-you-day. There was originally a stronger word there. But I didn’t want to offend anyone ❤

I started with the bathroom, you do not understand how dirty a bathroom can get until you’ve had teenage boys living in your house. My god. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse I started cleaning the fridges out. I think I may be the only one in the entire house who can clean a fridge, because there was seriously things in there from Thanksgiving and probably even before that. Im just going to tell you right now. You know food is bad when dogs wont eat it. My dogs eat furry little woodland creatures raw and they wouldnt touch the stuff in the fridge. Im surprised we aren’t all in some sort of coma. A couple times my hand poked through the seran wrap i was using to scrape food out of bowls. IT WAS NASTY.

I made a cake! I love baking even though I’m not big into eating it. So mostly I do up a huge amount of baking and give it all away or my family eats it.

I picked up the guitar again today after a while of not playing. My voice is crackely because i have a cold but i was able to get a few songs done.

I really want to sew again. I think I may make my escort dress. My mom thinks I should wear my grad dress and its like no no no no no. First off its not my grad, its Jarrod’s. Second off holy shit was that thing hard to get on. She wouldn’t be there to help me this time. Thirdly, the stupid thing doesn’t fit anymore, i would have to take it in a huge amount and that’s not a fun plan. I want to wear a shorter dress to this graduation because long ones are heavy and hot and annoying. Especially with the crinoline. I will probably just make it in black because I have no idea what the hell colours Jarrod may wear and I highly doubt he will get around to telling me. Time to look at patterns! -schoolgirl-dance- Other than picking out the fabric picking out a pattern is my favorite part of the process. I’m going to have to wait until the new books come out though because I already looked through all the other pattern books and I cant find a nice short dress that wont make me look like a total hooker and as much as Jarrod would probably enjoy that I dont think parents or anyone else really will.

haha oh Jesse, I can just imagine the face you are pulling right now because of my last paragraph. I remember when I took you into the fabric store to figure out a colour for the dress because you were my escort and you looked so terribly bored and I’m sure that this is no different.

I feel like I have no idea what the heck i just typed so Im going to go to bed now.


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