In which Andrea remembers the fifth of November.

Remember remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

Oh Guy Fawkes. I’m not going to lie though, the only reason I know of Guy Fawkes or even the poem above is because of V for Vendetta. In grade 12 we watched it in English class for the film study portion (along with Chocolat with Johnny Depp, amazing movie btw). We watched it six or seven times. Then we watched it again in social class. I finally convinced my mother to buy it on DVD last year and showed it to my family. So I’ve seen it a fair amount of times.

I am currently re-reading “A Great and Terrible Beauty” for you gothic fiction lovers out there, this is an amazing read. For those who dont like gothic fiction I suggest Elmo goes to the doctor, also an amazing read, but I am currently not reading it so it makes it way less awesome.

My mom is helping to price out getting my own apartment and holy hell do things cost money, I suppose that I take advantage of living a rent free lifestyle. I may have to get a roommate to cover the costs. Too bad Riley wants to move to Edmonton instead. I hate the idea of having a stranger as a roommate but I may not have a choice in the end. I will have to see how much money I can make from a job.

I’m only going to add one peice of art per blog, and it probably wont be every blog. But I think that it will cut down on work I have to do to create a blog entry and so that is a-okay in my books.

Oh look some interesting lillys. I think the assignment was for a still life nature or something like that. It looks better in real life. Mostly because you can actually see the shading. 😛

GAH! I miss playing the flute! I had to stop when i got braces because the brackets would cut up my cheeks as I played but now that I dont have braces anymore I want to play again! Too bad all of my stuff is still in storage. I took band in grade six because it was mandatory. I hated learning the flute. I would learn the bare minimum and pretend the rest of the time that i was actually playing. Im sure the instructor knew because no one wildly waves their fingers around while supposedly holding one note. But I don’t think I cared very much. When I switched schools in grade nine most of my friends were in band so I decided to actually take band for real this time and I taught myself how to play the flute. Not to blow my own instrument 😉 but I was one of the better kids in my section, mind you I wasn’t in an advanced band class, just a intermediate. But god we had fun times. Band camp was amazing, I think it was the first time I ever felt like I belonged, and thus my love of music began. Technically I had been playing piano and singing for longer, but this was really when I started to love music.

Wow this is a pretty long post. Im going to stop writing for the night because I’m sure most of you have better things to do with your time than read a nineteen year olds blog (Hopefully 😉 )




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