In which Andrea is now home and really tired.

We did a bunch of random things today in Edmonton. There was so much to do and we got most of it done, but by the time we left Edmonton it was 4pm which means driving moose row in the dark. >.<

It was kind of nerve wracking driving that in the dark, in the middle of hunting season, when we had seen tons of road kill on the way to Edmonton. But we made it home alive. We stopped at Edo for dinner. Mmmmm teriyaki chicken ❤

We got home around 9pm, so it really wasn’t that late.. but holy crap I hate that drive. Its so long and its one straight road so its not entertaining in the least. My mom and I counted the rivers and creaks. It turned out there are eight rivers and eleven creeks between Grande Prairie and Edmonton. I never actually realized there were so many.

Want to know who is attractive? Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5. I am currently obessed with a song he features in. Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine – Stereo hearts



I know you hate it when people comment on other peoples attractiveness Jesse, but you laughed at my misery SO SUCK IT. Hes attractive ❤


Music is a big thing in my books. Probably because music is most of my life. Its actually most likely why I love that song mentioned earlier, because it puts love in a musical view. And being a teenage girl that is apparently all i think about.

Probably next post I will be putting art up. I have a bunch that I can put up but I’m really tired and I dont want to go through the process of getting it into the blog. If I dont yell at me in the comments. Also guys I LOVE comments so please comment 😀


12 thoughts on “In which Andrea is now home and really tired.

  1. I agree with the teriyaki chicken

    Yes I do, but fair the way I so can’t wait for the art. 😀

    and last but not least comment.

  2. Same here, granted I have only gone two times, but still, it is absolutely delicious.

    Bah don’t be if anything you should be excited. plus I have seen a few sketches and from what I saw they are pretty good.

    • Well to each his own. Some people love some art while other people hate it. So as long as I like it (and you too of course 😛 ) I dont really mind what other people think. Its just like putting myself out there thats a bit scary. Its always been kind of a private and personal thing.

  3. that is a very good point of view, I must say I am quite proud of you.

    well I am glad that you are willing to share such a personal thing with us.

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