In which Andrea listens to songs over and over again…

Have you ever had a favorite song that you just kept listening to over and over and over again? Ive been endlessly listening to Sink or swim by Tyrone Wells all day. Probably because it kind of relates to my feelings about life.

Here’s a spiffy and quite handy link to the song mentioned above.

I am currently going through withdrawal and have been for the past year. I haven’t had television since July 16th 2010. Now for some people that isnt necessarily a bad thing. They either watch TV on their computers or not very much. But I used to never use the computer. I would get on once in a blue moon to check my facebook but mostly just used the computer for free movies when Riley came over. But since I haven’t had TV for a year I have become much more dependent on my computer. Which kind of sucks if you think about it. Just going from one addiction to another. 😛 I MISS GLEE!!! Having a limited data connection sucks because I cant actually watch videos on my computer. I have to use my phone. But I dont have nearly enough data on my phone to watch glee episodes. OH CITY LIFE HOW I MISS YOU </3

I think what I miss most about my old house is the midnight visits from Riley. She would literally come over at one in the morning sometimes with no warning and spend the night. We would go for midnight slushie runs and watch horror movies. We even made our own specialty popcorn with M&M’s and sour patch kids. Awesome times. SEE RILEY YOU RATE HIGHER ON MY SCALE OF MISSING THINGS ABOUT MY OLD LIFE THAN TV.

I think I am catching a cold. I keep sniffling. Which bugs the crap out of me. I hate that noise. Speaking of sick, I got my annual flu shot today. Horray. I hate needles. I think you guys probably know that from my post when they took nine vials of blood for testing. But at least I have less of a chance of getting the flu and with my moms immune system repressed way less of a chance that she will get something. Its win-win. 🙂

Its weird. I have a bunch of people added on facebook that I haven’t talked to since middle school, and I can see how their lives progressed from then and its really weird to think that your life changed as well but you just didn’t notice it because you were living it. Or maybe its just me. Probably just me.

Probably going to go crochet, sew and sleep.


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