In which Andrea is kind of an artist.

So I’ve been debating weather or not to show you guys my sketches/art. On one hand it would be pretty spiffy to share that with you, but on the other hand I don’t think of some of them as very good (not as good as my drawings in paint that I’ve put on here 😉 ) and they might end up being longer blog posts because of it. ‘

Comment or message me telling me if you want to see my art or not, maybe I will end up putting some of it up. 🙂


15 thoughts on “In which Andrea is kind of an artist.

  1. Well now that you mentioned the art, I must say I am curious. and you wouldn’t let me die of curiosity now would you?

  2. I know. and I must say as a good friend I never thought you would let me die. Ok there might have been some doubt at first but its good now. 😀

  3. Yes I am glad as well. Without a second thought. Granted I would take a bullet for just bout anyone, but for you I promise I wouldn’t even hesitate. :p

  4. Well to be fair Zorro has to live up to his name sake, you know doing something totally idiotic yet oddly entertaining. now I have this image of you walking around with a cat on your head all day. :p

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