In which Andrea talks about her childhood…

Couldn’t really come up with a post about today because absolutely nothing happened today. I woke up did some crocheting, went to class, made dinner, watched a movie and then started writing my blog. I suppose I could talk about the movie, but then some people may have not seen it and then they will be all angry because I spoiled a movie. So my go to subject is my childhood. 🙂 Luck you.

As far as I know I had a normal childhood. But then again I really dont have much to compare it to. I was home-schooled after kindergarten because my mom didn’t like the public school because kids are ass holes. Yes kids are cute and sweet and adorable, until they hit school. Then they become little ass holes who run around making fun of other kids their age or lower because they are different. They pack. They are just like wolves. I would hate to be in charge of a pack of wolves and that is why I will teach high-school students instead of smaller children. Because at least you can beat high-school students and get away with it. 🙂 (Totally kidding by the way)

I was home-schooled until grade four, when I went back to school and kids were still ass holes. I mostly ate alone and played alone and sat alone. I didnt know much about how to act in public school because my mom had taught me and so I ended up following the teacher around quite a bit, I think she got annoyed with this as I remember some bitchy comments made. A week or two into my beginning of becoming a social outcast I met Caitlin and we hit it off right away. Caitlin and I were like two peas in a pod. We hung out at recess and she became my best friend.

When grade five rolled around Caitlin and I were put into the same class. We still hung out at recess and we would do silly things like play in the mud and then ask for a hall pass so we could wash our hands but then we would get in trouble for having muddy hands. Caitlin would keep a bag of grass in her desk in case she wanted to go home sick, Caitlin was allergic to grass or the dust on grass or something. It was funny but I don’t think she ever used it.

Grade six was the beginning of middle school and Caitlin and I were separated in classes. We still hung out at lunch and we would walk around the school together talking and laughing and making jokes. One time we went into the library and we were being rambunctious and Caitlin swung her paper lunch bag up and the condensation from her pop can had made the bottom of the bag weak and her entire lunch flew out of her bag and went all over the library. We laughed hysterically but were banned from the library for a week.

And that is really all I can remember from kindergarden through grade 6. I may have blocked some memories. But its most likely that i’m just too tired to think anymore


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