In which Andrea is slightly drunk but thats okay because I’m legal!!!

For those of you who have been following my facebook statuses you will know that I went to a party tonight. For those who dont have me on facebook. I WENT TO A PARTY TONIGHT!

My first ever time at a bar actually. Which is weird. Seeming as I’ve been legal for a year and a half. The year I turned eighteen we were too busy with the house for cake so going to the bar was out of the question and for my nineteenth birthday my Mom took me out for sushi. No bars or drinking involved. But thats okay because I actually preferred those birthdays to getting drunk and not remembering them.

So Jesse, Alex, Lauren, Krystynn and I went to the tavern, and had a few shots and played cards. Then we walked to Winks and got various food items and went back to Jesses’ place. He then made us delicious KD and perogies. We watched Rocky Horror Picture Show and Friday the 13th (which I kept falling asleep during). My shoulder for some reason really started to hurt. To the point where i couldn’t lay on it and it hurt even when it wasn’t moving.

Jesse, Lauren, Krystynn, Alex and I proceeded to play truth or dare and 20 questions because we still in middle school.

All in all it was a pretty awesome night.


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