In Which Andrea is already thinking about Christmas…

As I have said before I love Halloween. But second in line is Christmas. My family is big on Christmas; we don’t really celebrate birthdays because we have a pretty big Christmas. Generally starting the day after Remembrance Day we start setting up decorations. My mom generally buys decorations every year so we add more and more every time we set them up.

Last year we were so tired from building the house that we didn’t get the tree up until Christmas Eve and even then no one wanted to decorate it. This was at my Uncle’s house because our house wasn’t even close to being done yet. So this is the first Christmas on the farm.

We generally do a lot of baking and cooking. Sugar cookies, gingerbread houses and men, tarts, bars, cabbage rolls, nuts and bolts, etc. Christmas time for our family is about family time. Christmas day isnt even my favorite part of the holiday season.

Christmas eve we have a tradition. All of us make an appetizer or two for dinner. Most years my brothers make hot wings or something simple and out of the box. I challenge myself and make things like dips and things that need actual prep. After our appetizer dinner we all get to open our Christmas pajamas and eventually we all make our way to our beds.

I normally make the gifts I give. Its hard when you have a boyfriend who is interested in like one thing. Its even harder to get gifts for said boyfriends family. I have some plans and have started on gifts but its still pretty hard to think of what to get people. Its hard enough to get things for my own family! 😛

Friends are a different story. I have so many friends that I dont think its possible to make or get enough gifts without not ever having money. This year I think we are doing a secret Santa or a Chinese gift giving thing. Im pretty excited 🙂

Holy crap I am still so tired. I’m pretty sure that I only got around five hours sleep last night.


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