In which Andrea is pretty happy with life.

I found out today that I have a thyroid problem. Its nothing serious. I wont die from it. It just means that I have to take medication to regulate it. For the rest of my life. That sounds like a death sentence. At nineteen I am already taking medication of the rest of my life. It kind of sucks but without the pills I will stay a shell of a person who is always tired and sick. So really I dont mind taking the pills. 🙂

For serious people why are so many people getting married right now?! Did this many people get married at the same time before and Im just noticing it now because as a little kid that kind of gushy stuff didnt matter? Or are there a lot of people wanting to get married before 2012 so that they can state claims on that one person they will be spending the apocalypse with?

No hate day slipped by so fast I forgot all about it! Last year a bunch of us made it an awesome event.

This year I took a pretty spiffy picture if I do say so myself, but I forgot to put it up.

Thats right. Im badass.

For those of you who have absolutely no idea what no hate day is, here is a helpful link 🙂

But for those of you who do not like to read, why the heck are you on my blog?!

Its basically stopping bullying because someone is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgendered, but my friends and I sort of expanded our meaning to include all bullying.

Yup we’re do-gooders 🙂


My desk broke today guys! I bought a brand spankin new desk in July and now its broke! does anyone know how to fix pull out keyboard desk things? If you do you should come to my house and fix my amazing desk for me ❤ I would love you forever. 🙂


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