In which Andrea loves her mommy.. <3

Im lucky. I dont have a dad but I couldnt have gotten a better mom. She is pretty strict compared to other parents but she had to raise four kids on her own, and I think we all turned out alright.

Matthew – 17
Kendra – 16
Michael – 13

We are all pretty close in age; we are also very close to one another. We have our fights but that’s siblings.

My mom has a disease called rheumatoid arthritis. Its a disease that affects the joints and muscles in her body. She is in constant pain and some days cannot even get out of bed because of how bad the attack is. She is on a bunch of really dangerous drugs. They are supposed to be short term because if she continues to take them for long periods of time they could kill her.

My mom is a really amazing person. She worked as a prison guard for twenty four years and then retired to take care of her children. She turned forty seven this year and is as beautiful as ever, even though she wont let me take her picture 😛

I guess the reason I wanted to make my blog post about her today is because she is having a bad day and I thought it would be a nice surprise.

I love you mommy. ❤

I will write another blog post tonight probably 😛 ❤


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