In Which Andrea Had One of the Most Terrifying Shower Experiences Ever.

I love showering, showering is on my list of greatest things ever invented (also on my favorite things list that you should go back and read -wink). The only bad thing about showers that I can think of is that for me they are dangerous. I fall at least once a week.

I am a very clumsy person, one day it will make for a great blog. So me + slippery shower = not so great idea. But I still love showers and I hate feeling unclean so I brave the slippery death trap that awaits me time after time and some of the time I come out unscathed.

Today started like any other shower. I made sure all my favorite cleaning agents for my body were readily at hand, I made sure that a fluffy towel was there so that I could wrap myself into its warmth after stepping out of the hot shower and I made sure that the door was locked because my brothers are neanderthals and cant hear the water running or dont think of knocking.

The one thing I didnt bother to check was the lightswitch. This was a grave mistake because as I was away in Saskatoon for a week, my uncle had installed a motion sensor light switch in the bathroom. One that I didn’t know about.

I was shampooing my hair, minding my own business when all of the sudden the lights went out. I had no idea what was going on! Were my eyes closed? Nope eyes defiantly open, god thats shampoo in my eyes, no tears my ass. Did i go blind? Nope there is defiantly light coming from the other side of the door. Then I remembered my mother talking about putting a motion sensor in the bathroom a couple weeks before. My bathroom is oddly shaped, you have to go in and close the door to turn on the light so a motion sensor made sense. Too bad no one had warned me.

I spent a while flailing about trying to get the motion sensor to turn itself back on. After about two minutes I gave up as I had already fallen but continued to try and get its attention. Getting out of the tub would have been smart. Getting out and turning on the light would have been probably the only thing running through an educated persons mind. But me, I decided to continue my shower in the dark. Because I like adventure in my life.

After falling twice more and cutting my legs a bunch from shaving (Shaving in the dark, for sure im the next Einstein.) my shower was done. I felt around for my towel and as soon as I stepped out of the tub the light flicked on. Because thats just how my life tends to work.


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