In Which Andrea Should Have Posted This Yesterday But Didnt.

Today I got told my blog is funny. At first I was so happy. This was the greatest compliment I had ever received! I’m funny! But then I was like crap. Now I have to be funny all the time to live up to the expectations. PRRRREEEESSSSSSUUUUURRRRREEEEE!!!

Now I’ve never been one for cover up. But this stuff is amazing. This guy is tattooed from head to foot and the makeup makes it look like there isnt anything there.

I thought that it was amazing 🙂



Somtimes I leave a draft of a blog open all day and slowly add to it. Yesterday I did that but never finished or posted it. Soooo im just going to add onto it

Now that I’m graduated I have no idea where to go with my life. From grade four till twelve (I was homeschooled until grade four. Random Andrea fact of the day) I always knew what I was going to be doing the next year. Now that I’m out of highschool about to start college I have no freaking idea what is going to happen; and holy crap thats scary.

The University I want to go to isn’t anywhere near where I live. So I’m going to have to move. Which I have done before; its not fun. Moving is scary in its own way. New place. In my case one I’ve only ever been to once. New people. New way of life. Plus for the first time I will be living on my own. I’m undecided on an apartment or a dorm yet. It will depend on costs. Not to mention I will need a job.

Ooo I hate sounding whiny but this is my blog and if you’re reading it you obviously don’t mind. Either that or you are so dedicated as a stalker that you powered through it. Good for you. I admire someone who is brave against adversity.

I have been told by many people “Life sucks and then you die”. Personally I hate this saying. Life dosnt suck. Life sucks if you are a pessimist. So suck it up (hehe so witty I am) and look on the brighter side of things. I am a generally happy person, and in my life I’ve been through a lot of shit (most of it is waaay to morbid for a blog) and I’m still a pretty optimistic person. I do have my days, where i feel dark and depressed and leave me alone im being emo right now. But I try my hardest to be happy, because without happiness life sucks and I dont want to think that way.



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