In which Andrea is really bored.

So I am pretty bored and feel like writing. So here you go:

Today my aunt and cousin came over. My mom wanted me to keep my 4 year old cousin busy so I baked with her. Cookies and cake. Yummy ❤ And like most 4 year olds, we had to have a photo-shoot.

Home 24 hours and my bedroom looks like a bomb went off. Yep, I’m a teenager.

Growing up sucks though. My mom keeps bringing up me moving out. Not in a “get the hell out of my house” kind of way more in a “you’re growing up and probably should start doing grown up things” kind of way. But to be able to move out I need a job. A job requires time. Time which I really dont have right now.

Plus then there is the decision of where to move to. Grande Prairie? Edmonton? Saskatoon? At least in Saskatoon there are abundant jobs, its just pretty expensive housing. Oh well. Im not even going to attempt to move until summer.

Holy crap. I will be 20 this summer. I don’t feel 20, I feel like 17. When you’re younger time seems to go so slow, but as you get older time goes so fast.

I’ve run out of things to say so I’m going to do one of those “20 Random Facts” things.

1. I am a huge nerd. To the point where people are sometimes embarrassed to hang out with me. But I dont mind. I like who I am. 🙂

2. I love musicals. Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite movies, and Glee is one of my favorite shows.

3. I am REALLY computer illiterate, when someone is trying to explain what to do I get nervous that I’m going to break something.

4. I am allergic to lavender and really heavy perfume.

5. I am the worst Canadian ever. I hate the cold. I cannot skate or ski or snowboard. I dislike syrup. The only thing remotely Canadian about me is I like hockey.

6. I can make dream catchers.

7. I can crochet.

8. I am very creative.

9. I want to be a high-school English teacher when I finish school.

10. My family is very important to me.

11. I love video games. I have ever since I was a little kid.

12. I wear glasses. Sometimes. When my head hurts.

13. 13 is my favorite number.

14. I make random noises involuntarily. Squeeks and such. Some find it cute, most find it annoying.

15. I dislike shoes. But when I have to wear them I love high heels, as I am somewhat short.

16. I sing very loudly and obnoxiously to songs I love.

17. I love owls. One of my prized possessions is a small silver box with my name and an owl engraved on it. I cried when I received this thoughtful gift and weirded out my grad date 🙂

18. I forgive and forget quickly. If I get mad, I will get mad about it and then its over.

19. I really want a tattoo but I cant decide what I want.

20. I can shoot a gun. Quite accurately actually.



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