In which Andrea is home and really sorry that she hasn’t posted for a week!

Its been a long week. There wasn’t really enough time or consciousness to post a blog. So Im going to write about my week in this post.

I’ve already written about the day I flew in. It wasn’t a long post and it was full of spelling mistakes and periods that didnt belong as I was using my phone. I may go back later to edit it.

The next day Jarrod went to school and I worked on my schooling. I take school over the computer so I can access it at any time with an internet connection. Jarrod came home for lunch but had to leave again right away. I decided to take a nap and when I woke up and looked out the window his friend was there looking in. It was pretty creepy. I dont know how long he had been standing there but he left when he saw me looking at him. Later Jarrod’s sister and I went to Jarrod’s football game. It was really really cold. The Delisle Rebels won 82-7 making their team have scored over 500 points in the season and having only 8 points scored on them. Later than night Jarrod and I went to a party, we didnt stay long as some stupid kid blew marijuana smoke into my face and I’m allergic to smoke of any variety. I think that this was one of the reasons I never went to parties in high school.

We really didnt do anything on Saturday. Hung around the house and watched X-Men first class. 🙂

Sunday we went to visit his Aunt and Uncle who live around an hour away from Jarrod’s house. From there we decided to drive another two hours away to go see a goat and some horses. I dont know why we did this. His Uncle kind of talked us into it. But by the time we got back to his Uncle and Aunt’s house its was around 11pm. His Uncle is a lot like my Papa, he likes to talk. Most of the time that we were at the farm where the horses and donkey were, he was talking.

Monday was a sleep-in day and I dont think we did much of anything.

Tuesday we went to 50/50. A very good movie, I laughed a lot. 🙂 Then Jarrod took me down by a river in Saskatoon. I dont know which one but it was very pretty. We left rather quickly because my shoe decided to break and that was pretty annoying. When we got home Jarrod’s Uncle was there and we watched Horrible Bosses which was also pretty funny. We watched some 4400 and went to bed.



Wednesday, after Jarrod got home from school we played computer games and watched more 4400 which is a pretty awesome show. I dont know how many people have heard of it, but its got 7 seasons. Its a cross between X-Men and CSI almost. Its actually funny and thrilling. Then watched The Change Up which is basically Freaky Friday with men. It was a good movie though 😛

Thursday Jarrod had a craving for McDonalds so we went into the city. Jarrod is a skinny guy but he can eat a lot! He ordered two double big macs and a 10pc nugget meal. THEN we had blizzards from DQ. It was kind of gross to see him eat all that food. 😛

Friday I packed and came home. It was a long day with a two hour layover in Calgary with lots of screaming kids.

I woke up today with back pain and nausea. Hopefully I’m not coming down with somthing.


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