In which Andrea is in Saskatoon… finally <3

Here you go. I am writing in my blog. Even though its on my phone, and even though the spell checker on this stupid phone. But this is how dedicated to you guys I am. Be proud be very proud.

Today started bad. I woke up and noticed I hadn’t put my retainer in the night before. When I went to look for it I couldn’t find it anywhere. So basically I am now in Saskatoon without a retainer. Then I went to grab my mom’s medication I dropped it and the pills went everywhere and it wasn’t a small bottle it was a big one!

After my annoying morning I finally got to the airport. This was technically not my first trip alone but I still got really nervous. I was also really excited so I couldn’t concentrate on reading or playing on my phone, and I had an hour to wait. Then I originally had a two hour layover for my next flight; but then there was a two hour delay.

I’m going to skip over those.four hours filled with rage and.stupid people and when I got to Saskatoon Jarrod and his.friend.were.there to pick me up. His.friend was annoying the entire way back to Jarrod’s house and then more of his.friend’s.showed up and were even.more annoying. Then Jarrod.kicked them out and then I studied Spanish.

I’m exhausted so Imma sleep night people who read my blog


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