In which Andrea FOUND IT!!!!

If you dont understand the title of this post please refer to the previous post. Now you will understand why I am so amazing and proud of myself right now :3


Day three of turkey-food-products-like-things. This is why I don’t enjoy thanksgiving as much as the regular person ūüėõ

I have a bunch of random topics built up in my head so this blog post is going to be reeeeally random.

Packing, packing is the bane of my¬†existence. Packing hates me. Especially for long-ish trips where I need a fair amount of stuff. I generally know where everything I need is, then BAM, I need to pack? Everything is missing. I currently am missing my straightener, glasses, a few drawing pencils, my iPod cord and ALL of my socks. Seriously, I cannot find ANY of my socks, isn’t that¬†ridiculous?! Not when I’m packing its not.

How I think I’m beautiful. I know, I know; that sounds very¬†narcissistic. But I do. I think I am beautiful, and I personally think that it is an amazing trait to have. I’m not full of myself like “Well I am soooo much prettier than she is”. Thats not how I think. I like my eyes, they are unusual; blue with gold flecks, sometimes grey, sometimes green but always with gold flecks. I love my pale skin. At least when I dont burn in the sun ūüėõ and I just generally like how I look. I dont understand why people think that loving yourself is a bad thing!

Country music is seriously the most amazing thing ever! I am not in any way saying that it is the best music. Because some songs suck just like some songs from other genres suck. But country music generally has a song for every situation. Breakups, happiness, party songs etc.

Harry Potter. This is one of my -cough-¬†obsessions. A Very Potter Musical falls under this too I suppose. Very good parody. I grew up with Harry Potter, it was my escape. When I was having a bad day I read a Harry Potter book. I dont even know how many times I’ve read the books. But I seriously love Harry Potter. -Will have to make more Harry Potter themed posts in the future-

Spanish class is quite interesting. I’m actually getting quite good at keeping a conversation up now. If I put more effort into it I may be able to talk a bit more but I do understand quite a bit so far. I’ve made some¬†embarrassing¬†mistakes, but I’m sure that I will get the hang of it soon. ūüėõ

I actually really enjoy writing in here now. I find it relaxing and funny to go back and re-read what I was thinking about at the time.


Ti amo mi amor ‚̧


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