In which raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

I couldn’t think of a topic for today’s post so I asked my smart and awesome friend Jesse what I should write about. At first he said “The meaning of life” and I was like holy crap. Way to broad of a topic. Maybe one day, but for times like today when I’m feeling sick and really lazy I needed a less /deep-thinking/ topic. So then he brought up what makes me happy, immediately I thought of Julie Andrews My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music, because I’m a nerd like that 😉

I was going to put it in song form to stick with the thoughts of the song, but that would require effort and goes back to the feeling sick and lazy today thing. So a list will work just fine. 🙂

Things that make me happy/my favorite things:

– Complements, yes that is a bit narcissistic, but feeling good about yourself is a very good thing and complements make you feel good about yourself. I know how to take a complement.

– Rain, specifically rainy days. First off kissing in the rain is just so corny and cute how can you hate it?! The smell, the sound, the feel of rain is just amazing. Right after a rainfall is pretty great too but just before and during are my favorite times.

– The colour red. Perhaps one blog post I will post pictures of my bedroom (which currently needs to be cleaned like REALLY bad). The walls are red, black and cream. It dosn’t look gothic or creepy or anything, it looks elegant. Or at least thats how i hoped it would look in the end 😛 Red is a passionate, warm colour. My favorite by far. ❤

– Lillys the flower. Specifically white ones. Gorgeous ❤

– Juice. I love juice, more so than soda. Mostly orange juice or peach juice 🙂

– Long showers are seriously the best thing ever.

– Good times with friends and family; memories.

– Gaming. ❤

– Music is a given. I listen to pretty much anything.

– Guitar, I play guitar, flute, some piano and sing. I actually write my own songs and I’m going to record them and give the album to my mom for Christmas.

– Being a total nerd. ❤


This is a really long blog post now so I think I will continue the list as I post. No promises though because I probably wont remember ❤


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