In which Andrea loves comments, and is also in pain…

I stepped on a nail! I was helping my Papa move some tarps so they could dry in the sun and BAM stepped on a nail. I dont think it went in very deep but now it hurts to walk and my toe is a bit swollen. Boyfriend just said “lol” when I told him. No sympathy there. Then again he just normally says “lol” to anything I say.

Guuuuyyys. I post blogs and then you guys read my posts, in my blog, and then you dont comment! I freaking love comments. Even if your comment is l2spellnoob.  It means someone cares enough that they are worried about my education and spell checker. I love reading comments and even my friends who read my blog dont comment. You guys are butt faces. Just saying.

I had managed to do laundry for my trip; but instead of folding it, i just dumped the basket into my suitcase. Its obviously not going to fit that way and it looks like crap so I’m going to have to eventually fold it. But every time I go to fold it my situational ADD kicks in and has me doing something non-productive.  Situational ADD is very much like ADD in the way that you can’t focus on one thing for a long amount of time. The difference between situational ADD and actual ADD is that situational ADD only pops up when your doing something you need to do, but it doesn’t have to get done just quite yet and so you get distracted by something shiny or more fun. This can be confused with procrastination, and whal it is very similar it is not procrastination; because you get distracted instead of just telling yourself you will do it later.

Wow my blog posts suck. Its no wonder you guys dont comment, by now you have probably all lost brain cells and dont remember how to comment. If I could give you brain cells I would, because I am obviously not using them ❤


2 thoughts on “In which Andrea loves comments, and is also in pain…

  1. First of all I laugh at your pain, only because it has happened to me. second of all, I do comment so hush up. and third of all you cant use them because you dont got any to give away. :p

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