In which Andrea is going to Saskatoon… eventually.

Bought my ticket to go to Saskatoon! I leave October 13th at 1:40pm and don’t arrive until 6:30pm. With a three hour lay over in Calgary. Poo. I’m a little nervous about meeting Jarrod’s family. He met mine and didn’t seem fazed so maybe I will survive.

I am currently talking to Jesse on skype, procrastinating at doing sketches and trying to figure out what to write for this blog.


One thing about me is that I like quotes. I once wrote a book of quotes, I cant remember how many pages were in it but it was quite a few. They werent my quotes, just ones I found on the internet. But one of my friends fell in love with my book and would always ask to see it in band class and would read it in between songs. Then I wasnt allowed to bring it to band class anymore. But I gave it to her for her birthday that year and just havent made another one.

Like most of the blogs I post i have no idea if this makes any sense. This one is just allot  more so because Jesse is humming in my ear. GOD JESSE!

I will TRY to write more tomorrow. Maybe if Jesse dosnt hassle me so much…

When the sun goes down on your street – Ben Gibbard <– next song I will learn on guitar.

Jesse mention count : 5


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