In which Andrea has some testing done

So I have this problem where I always feel sick. Like every day. So I went to the doctors and she sent me to get a bunch of blood work done.

The nurse sucked at giving a needle. It hurt allot. I’ve had it where I didnt even feel it. Then she proceeds to take nine vials of blood. NINE. HOLY CRAP. I didnt even know I could give that much blood. Dont they have a limit or somthing?

It might have been some sort of mental thing like sycing myself out. But I COULD FEEL THE BLOOD LEAVE MY BODY. By the fourth vial I was feeling nauseous.  By the seventh I almost fainted. She quickly finished up but by the time she was done I was feeling reeeeally bad.

She finished just as I was starting to feel extremely sick to my stomach. I retched a few times and then puked almost hitting her in the face. Then i proceeded to faint for a few seconds.

Then they put me in a wheelchair and stuck me in a small room. They made me drink orange juice and eat some really gross cookies. Then I drove home which was probably not the best idea. 🙂




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