In which Andrea yells at herself… kinda.

It feels like 1am! Its only like 10:30! What the hell body?!

Its not like you did much today, you sketched most of the day, then made dinner. What. The. Hell. Most kids your age are still pulling all nighters and partying, THEN getting up and going to classes. Though you’ve never been able to pull an all nighter. Remember that one time you stayed up all night cleaning so that the realtor could put the house up for sale? Then you fell asleep as soon as he left. That doesn’t even count as an all nighter.

Body, you are pathetic. Though I still sort of have to love you. It comes with the “loving myself” thing. Even though I dont like you very much when you make me feel like I’m goddamn 80 with the thinking its later than it is thing. Or when you trip over nothing at all. Or when you are so clumsy that you hurt yourself. God, body. You suck.


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