In which Andrea takes a road trip

I hate going to Edmonton. GAR!!! Its five hour drive to stay one night then come back up the next day. Not to mention I have to put up with my brothers being in close proximity with me. I’m taking my headphones this time, maybe I will be partially sane when I arrive in Edmonton.

I started writing songs again. It seems that I will start writing, get half of a song out then lose my track and end up not working on it for a long time. I WILL GET THIS ALBUM DONE!!!! It just make take me a reaaally long time ❤

I checked my email this morning and there were five unread messages, I thought my Pottermore email had come. But alas, forwards and facebook.

I wonder if wordpress works on smartphones. Hmmm. I will have to check to see. I’ll probably forget and just be on facebook the entire car ride down anyways.


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